The Ultimate Guide to Chicago-Style Stuffed Pizza vs. Deep Dish Pizzas: Unraveling the Delicious Differences

When it comes to pizza, the debate over which style reigns supreme can be as heated as a brick oven. Two of the most iconic styles hail from the Windy City: Chicago-style stuffed pizza and deep dish pizza. While they may seem similar at first glance, there are key differences that set them apart. This guide will delve into the delicious details of these two pizza powerhouses, helping you understand what makes each one unique and mouthwateringly irresistible.

What is Chicago-Style Stuffed Pizza?

Chicago-style stuffed pizza is a true behemoth in the world of pizza. It’s characterized by its high edges and a generous amount of toppings, cheese, and sauce. The “stuffed” in its name comes from the fact that the toppings and cheese are literally stuffed between two layers of crust. The top layer of crust is then covered with a robust tomato sauce. This style of pizza is typically baked in a round, deep pan to accommodate its hefty size.

What is Deep Dish Pizza?

Deep dish pizza, also a Chicago specialty, is often confused with its stuffed counterpart. However, there are some key differences. While deep dish also features a high edge and is baked in a deep pan, it only has one layer of crust. The crust is typically thicker and crunchier than that of a stuffed pizza. The toppings and cheese are layered directly onto the crust, followed by the tomato sauce. This reverse order of ingredients is a signature characteristic of deep dish pizza.

Key Differences Between Chicago-Style Stuffed Pizza and Deep Dish Pizza

  • The most obvious difference between the two is the extra layer of crust in a stuffed pizza. This creates a pie that is significantly thicker and heavier than a deep dish pizza.

  • While both styles feature a chunky tomato sauce on top, the sauce on a stuffed pizza is typically more plentiful, covering the entire top layer of crust.

  • The crust of a deep dish pizza is usually crunchier and more biscuit-like, while the crust of a stuffed pizza is softer and more dough-like.

Which One Should You Try?

Both Chicago-style stuffed pizza and deep dish pizza offer a unique and delicious take on the classic pizza pie. If you prefer a thicker, doughier pizza with a ton of toppings and cheese, then a stuffed pizza might be your best bet. However, if you’re a fan of a crunchy crust and the classic order of pizza ingredients, then a deep dish pizza might be more up your alley. Ultimately, the best way to decide is to try both and see which one steals a pizza your heart!

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