Surviving High Garlic and Onion Prices: How Roadside Fast Food Eateries in India Are Adapting

India, a country known for its diverse and flavorful cuisine, is currently grappling with soaring prices of essential kitchen staples – garlic and onions. These two ingredients form the backbone of many Indian dishes, and their escalating costs are posing a significant challenge to thousands of roadside fast food eateries across the country. However, these small businesses are not backing down. Instead, they are adapting and innovating to survive in these challenging times. Let’s delve into how they are managing this crisis.

Reducing the Use of Garlic and Onions

One of the most common strategies adopted by these eateries is reducing the use of garlic and onions in their dishes. While these ingredients are crucial for flavor, eateries are finding ways to use them sparingly without compromising on taste. They are finely chopping or grinding these ingredients to spread their flavor more evenly across dishes. Some are also using garlic and onion powders as a more cost-effective alternative.

Exploring Alternative Ingredients

Another approach is the exploration of alternative ingredients. Eateries are experimenting with other vegetables and spices that can provide a similar flavor profile. For instance, some are using asafoetida (hing), a spice known for its strong, pungent flavor, as a substitute for garlic and onions. Others are using more of tomatoes, capsicum, and other spices to compensate for the reduced use of garlic and onions.

Price Adjustments

While most eateries are trying to absorb the increased costs, some have had to adjust their prices slightly. However, they are careful to keep these increases minimal to avoid losing customers. They are also offering smaller portions or reducing the size of their dishes to manage costs.

Customer Communication

Transparency is key in these challenging times. Many eateries are openly communicating with their customers about the high prices of garlic and onions and the changes they are making to their dishes. This honesty helps to build understanding and loyalty among their customers.

Government Intervention

Finally, the government is also stepping in to help. The Indian government has been importing onions to manage the supply and control prices. They are also cracking down on hoarders and middlemen who are artificially inflating prices. These measures are providing some relief to these eateries.

In conclusion, while the high prices of garlic and onions are a challenge, roadside fast food eateries in India are showing remarkable resilience and adaptability. Through innovative strategies and government support, they are finding ways to survive and continue serving delicious food to their customers.

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